Chairman's Message

The trend in the world today is towards globalization and each country has to be a part of the international system if it has to progress with the rest of the world. Each individual industry will have to adopt the most efficient technologies, produce on the most economic scale, improve quality and products to survive in the emerging, highly competitive markets at home and abroad.

Ever response to the changing social and industrial environments,Sri Ramadas Motor Transport endeavors to participate effectively in this national and ultimately global process, through attaining high standards of production for greater productivity.

SRMT, has been rendering yeoman service in Road Transport, Manufacturing Auto Parts & Sale of Commercial Vehicles over the span of around 60 years. An adherence to strict ethical values and a sincere concern for the customer have contributed to both the progress of the company, and its success in the market place.

Ongoing modernization and the exploring of new avenues for diversification into related fields, have resulted in substantial growth and development.All along, we have emphasized on meeting the demands of the country through continuous upgradation of skills and technology, optimizing our resources to extend value-added services, besides implementing required changes.

Motivated by committed philosophical service to the customers and excellence of performance, we aim for higher goals and achievements.

Chairman & Managing Director

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